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  • Terrie Schweitzer

    Terrie Schweitzer

    Editor, Better Humans. Coach.me. Bubbler. Hawk watcher, birder. Permaculture fan. RPCV (Ghana 2011–2013). http://terrie.me

  • Ryan Singer

    Ryan Singer

    Strategy and design at Basecamp. @rjs on Twitter.

  • Rian van der Merwe

    Rian van der Merwe

    Product manager & designer • Author • Speaker

  • Greg Satell

    Greg Satell

    Bestselling Author of Cascades and Mapping Innovation, @HBR Contributor, - Learn more at www.GregSatell.com — note: I use Amazon Affiliate links for books.

  • Ganesh Shankar

    Ganesh Shankar

    Senior Product Manager at Google, engineer and entrepreneur. I love distance running, traveling, hiking and training my attack cat, Comrade.

  • Derek Smart

    Derek Smart

    Derek is a software developer based in Atlanta, GA who loves tinkering and working on Open Source projects.

  • Vantage Editors

    Vantage Editors

    @brookpete /@dougbierend / @faktorl. We observe, question and critique visual culture.

  • Simon Shuster

    Simon Shuster

    Reporter for TIME covering Europe east of the Rhine, Russia, Ukraine and wherever else they send me. Based in Berlin. Born in Moscow. Bred in San Francisco.

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